Importance of having a pre-ordering (order in advance) system in a restaurant

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The internet's first record of the pre-order system was in the early 2000s. According to Wikipedia, this system had been used previously but came to light when video game vendors like Amazon saw its benefits. These vendors offered to place a reservation for their loyal customers. All those customers had to do was to pay a certain percentage of the cost before the games were produced. Following the release date, those customers get the video games they ordered after paying the remaining cost.

When this worked for them, every other industry began inaugurating the pre-order system into their businesses. The book industry followed, and of course, the food industry wasn't left behind. Even more, the help of loyalty apps like the StampnGo app improved this pre-order system and in turn, increased customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, we will explain to you, in this article, the importance of having an in-restaurant ordering app. We will also tell you the most convenient loyalty app to use for this online-delivery system and how to use that app. Let's get started.

6 benefits of having a pre-ordering system for your restaurant

1. Customers' Convenience: the basics of a prospering business is the business's ability to satisfy its customers. This, you can do by ensuring that your products and services are top-notch and that you never inconvenience your customers. Indeed, having a pre-order restaurant app will save your customers the stress and time waste of standing in a queue when they visit your business.

Sincerely, no customer will like to stand in a queue when he/she comes to patronize you during his/her 30-60 minutes launch break. Rather, they'll prefer to place an order from their office and just walk in and out of your restaurant with their food.

2. Reduces food wastage: to you, the restaurant owner, having a pre-order system will help prevent unnecessary waste that could have resulted from cooking in excess. It will also, give you an insight on which meals your customers love more and the ones they do not like

3. Creates an organized schedule for restaurant owners: let's give an illustration of how the schedule of most restaurant owners goes. During the morning hours, there is little to no traffic or sales. Immediately it is launch time, it becomes a marathon of orders and on-site delivery.

And you will agree with us, that things tend to go haywire when orders and customer attention comes from every angle. Therefore, you can save yourself from the stress of dealing with hungry and angry customers if you provide a pre-order system for your restaurant.

4. Boosts sales: restaurants that have a mobile food delivery app tend to perform better and make more sales than those that do not. In-restaurant ordering apps equally generate sales and make restaurants even more money than they could have made through manual and traditional ordering.

5. Keeps you ahead of your competitors: Online ordering and shopping have dominated the trade market. In fact, over 4 trillion people have attested to preferring online pre-order and table reservations to the traditional way. Among these 4 trillion people are hundreds of your potential clients. So, in order not to be found wanting, we suggest you get a pre-order system for your restaurant.

6. Keeps your customers happy and loyal: if word goes around town that you do not keep your customers waiting. Also, if people get to know that you offer great food and amazing deals. In addition to that, if people get to know that your staff are polite and meet demands, you are sure to get new customers, and still keep the old ones.

The only question that might be lingering around now is: "Which Loyalty app should I use for my restaurant? Do I need to build an ordering app from scratch?" No, you do not have to build an app from scratch, and the StampnGo app is the best loyalty app for your pre-order services.

Why you should use the StampnGo app's pre-order system in your restaurant

In addition to having a quick-to-access pre-order feature, it has other appealing features that will make the online ordering experience bliss for you and your customers. For instance, if your customers are confused about what to order, they can send you a chat to ask you for your opinion.

Also, your customers can drop a feedback about your restaurant on the app which would in turn attract more customers. With the StampnGo app, you can easily pass on important information (like a special deal, a private tasting, the launching of a new recipe, a new policy, etc) to your customers.

How to use the pre-order feature in the StampnGo app

Here are the steps you can follow to use the StampnGo app successfully.

1. Download the app: the StampnGo app is available in both the Android play store and the Apple store.

2. Register your business, in this case, your restaurant: when you've downloaded the StampnGo app, follow the lead and instructions of the app to register your business.

3. Upload your menu: tell your customers which foods you cook on which days and the days you offer specials.

4. Create offers that will entice your customers: variety, they say, is this spice of life. Therefore, create offers that will attract new customers and keep existing ones. In other words, you should create irresistible loyalty deals and mouth-watering offers.

5. Grow your database: tell your customers about your business's presence in the StampnGo catalog. If a customer complains of standing in a queue for too long, invite him/her to pre-order food using the StampnGo app.


In a nutshell, you should remember that while ensuring that your food tastes great and that your employees are polite and cheerful to your customers, you need to install a system that will make your customers waste less time ordering and getting their food for your restaurant to meet market demands. Utilizing the pre-order system is the key, and our StampnGo platform is your best option.