Beauty Salons & SPA

Spa and beauty salon business is a very tough business to manage because it is highly competitive. Also, because there are lots of options available, customers may feel the need to explore all these options in order to find the right fit. This “perfect-fit hunt” is not healthy for business because spa and beauty salon owners don’t just need people to walk through their doors, they need people to consistently do so. This is why customer retention is very important. This can simply be achieved by implementing the right type of loyalty program.


By offering unique rewards to your loyal customers, you boost their loyalty and give them more reason to be consistent, apart from the great service they receive from you of course. Many local spa and salon owners crave attracting new clients, but it sometimes turns out to be a difficult task. Certainly, acquiring new customers is very important to the growth of your business, but customer retention is equally essential. Retaining existing customers will ensure that you spend less on advertisement strategies and also help you make your clients happy.

Okay, let’s think about it for a moment and see how a customer thinks. A customer who just had her hair and nails done, walks out of your door, and sees another beauty salon she thinks she may try next time, just to keep her options open. So, the next time she needs hair services, she decides to pop into the beauty salon she saw. Most likely, it will be more difficult to get such a customer back. However, let’s say your beauty salon has a loyalty program in place, and this customer notice another beauty salon, a bulb lights up in her brain and she thinks, “I’m only 4 hair styling away from my bonus hair styling, let me stick with my salon.” Then, you got yourself a loyal customer who is more likely to spend more on your products and services, and even refer more clients.


So we’ve made it seem like loyalty programs hold the key to a lot of problems your spa or beauty salon is facing. How exactly does loyalty program help to improve businesses? One of the ways loyalty programs is effective in ensuring growth is by improving client engagement. Customer loyalty programs increase the involvement of your customers with your business, by encouraging them to take actions that in the long run, will be beneficial for your business. Apart from just coming in to get their hair, nails, facials done, like most average customers, your loyal customers can now be a part of promoting your brand, and develop a better attitude, such as booking appointments early because of a reward point associated with it.

Also, customer loyalty programs can help you cut costs on advertising because loyal customers are known to share their experiences and drive in more customers. Word of mouth is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of attracting new clients. More so, when customers are rewarded for every referral, they are more likely to refer more clients.

Not everyone feels free to give out personal information, but through loyalty programs, you can gain access to your customers’ relevant information such as their email address. Access to such information can help you communicate better with your customers and follow up with them after a service.


Not all that glitters is gold, so not all loyalty programs are actually effective. In order to ensure that you get the best that loyalty programs can offer, you have to opt for an effective, simple and interactive loyalty program. This is one of the main reasons why you should choose StampnGo.

The StampnGo platform offers app-based loyalty cards so your clients don’t have to worry about losing their cards or keeping clutter in their wallets. With the StampnGo mobile app, it’s appealing to a wide range of customers who are digitally oriented. StampnGo is a free platform, so you only need to fill in the form (business name, country) and click register. Business owners can register for free and fill in information about their business and offers. Your customers simply scan your unique QR code and they see all rewards and offers available.

By using our platform, you can increase customer spending, track who your most loyal customers are, know more about your customers and what they’re buying, communicate with them, and adjust your offers to suit your needs.


Offering points to your clients can be really appealing, but this needs to be done in a more creative way. By going digital with your loyalty programs, you’re sure to attract millennials who love doing everything online and having everything on their mobile devices.