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You would think it’s called loyalty program so that it can keep customers loyal, but is that really the case? Do loyalty programs truly make customers loyal? The simple answer is that they don’t. Let’s be honest, only good products, good services and a positive experience do. But does this mean that loyalty programs should be abandoned? Not necessarily. The problem is not really with loyalty programs in itself, but in the different loyalty programs that are not efficient or effective in making sure that customers keep coming back.


The real problem is not with the ‘what’ but with the ‘how’. How do you utilize your loyalty programs? Truly, most customers subscribe to loyalty programs; give them a stamp card and they may happily collect it. However, the real problem is that most customers hardly ever redeem their cards. You definitely don’t want to give someone a stamp card simply because you want him to feel rewarded, but because you want him to come back to redeem it, and keep coming back. Unless your customers come back to your restaurant to redeem their points, your loyalty rewards may not be so successful.

Paper and plastic loyalty cards are not so efficient either, because with them, you have no way of communicating or tracking your customers. With these cards, you have no way of really knowing which customers are actually coming back. By handing more loyalty cards to your customers, you’re simply increasing their clutter and not their loyalty. Even if they accept the extra clutter, they are most likely to misplace and forget about them.


How then can you optimize your loyalty programs? How can you change the game with your loyalty programs? Well, all you need is a digital loyalty app. The benefits of going digital with your loyalty program are many. App-based loyalty programs attract customers (who are constantly being open to new ideas that make everything much easier to do), actually engage your customers, and reward them for coming back. Keeping existing customers actually cost less than acquiring new customers.

The National Restaurant Association also conducted a survey which showed that using app-based rewards programs is not only a successful strategy, but also helps to build customer loyalty and increase customer retention. It’s easy to see why this is so. With the advancement in technology, almost everything is going digital. It is more convenient to have everything in your phone than it is to keep things in your wallet. Most customers prefer the convenience of doing everything online.

There are two main things a loyalty app can help to achieve. The first is that, loyalty apps can help cafe and restaurant owners to gather relevant information on customers. The second thing is that it is an effective way of actually making customers loyal. Having these stamps and points on their phones will make it easier for customers to redeem their points, thus, fulfilling the purpose of the loyalty program.


Well by now you should know that it is better to have the best of whatever a thing has to offer. With StampnGo, you truly get the best that loyalty apps have to offer. Indeed, StampnGo cannot produce products and provide services, because it's always on the business side, but can help to start building strong relationships via a digital connection, making digital stamp cards, provide data to understand clients and who is more likely to return.

The app is very easy to use and fun for the customers too. For your cafe and restaurants, you get a twofold benefit:

  • The StampnGo platform allows you to offer your customers incentives and rewards. With our platform, you can even change your rewards to suit your needs, thus keeping your customers engaged with a variety of offers.
  • The platform also allows you to gather information about your customers in the process, such as their names, purchase pattern, therefore allowing you to see who your best customers are. This information can help you create marketing strategies that help to drive growth.
We help to create value for your business itself and also for your customers.


There are lots of cafes and restaurants looking to gain competitive advantage over others. The defining factor may as well be adopting a loyalty program that is effective and appealing. Therefore, it should be a top priority for restaurants to build and keep customer loyalty by using a mobile app.