Gas stations & Car wash

Everyone loves to save costs on how much they spend on products and services. Why else would discounts and promotional sales entice people? However, people can’t save costs simply by abandoning their cars or refusing to refuel or keep their car clean. If people shopped around for lower prices and discounts, then most car wash and gas stations may run at a loss, because at the end of the day, they find out they don’t have repeat customers who are loyal to their brands. This is one of the many reasons why customer retention is very important, and here’s how to go about it.


Let’s face it, your car wash or gas station is not the only one in that street or neighbourhood. Definitely, there are competitors and other businesses offering the same services that you offer. So how do you get ahead and make sure that your business gets its own fair share of profit? Brand loyalty may be all that makes a difference.

Certain customers such as taxi drivers, are most likely going to constitute your repeat customers because they require your services more often than others do. This implies that you have to give them a reason to keep returning to your business in order to ensure stability in your business. They have to see why they should keep coming back to your car wash or gas station, and not the other one down the road. Retaining your customers will definitely play a role in the overall success of your business.

Brand loyalty also increases the lifetime value of each customer. What this means for your business is that you get to spend less on promoting your brand to new customers because you already have a steady flow of profit, thanks to your loyal customers. By cutting costs on acquisition of new customers, you can focus your energy into improving your services and boosting the loyalty of your customers.


One of the most effective and efficient ways to boost customer loyalty is by implementing a good customer loyalty programs. Nothing keeps customers more loyal than that sense of satisfaction they get every time they get rewarded for being loyal. This, coupled with a great service rendered, is what would help to make sure that you stay on top of the game!

To boost brand loyalty, you can get your customers to refer their friends and family simply by offering extra perks or rewards for doing so. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to attract new customers. When your existing customers are happy, satisfied and well rewarded for sticking with you, they are inclined to share their experiences with their personal and professional network, in the long run, helping you to increase your customer base. By offering simple rewards such as a free car wash service if they refer a friend, watch how visits to your station will increase.


Implementing a loyalty program is good, but implementing a good loyalty program is even better. The StampnGo customer loyalty platform is well suited for a lot of businesses, including yours. By offering an app-based rewards system, we help you to make sure that your loyalty program is more appealing to your customers — who most likely love to do everything on their phones and reduce clutter in their wallets.

It isn’t just enough that you have a customer loyalty program or that you hand out plastic or paper loyalty cards to your customers. What matters most is the rate at which they burn their points, not the rate at which they earn them. Thus, by replacing plastic and paper loyalty cards with digital ones, we create an avenue where your customers can easily claim their rewards.

In addition, the StampnGo mobile app helps you keep a track of your customers and understand your customers better. By having access to relevant information such as their email addresses and what they buy more, you have the opportunity to reach out to them with better offers and rewards.

StampnGo is a free platform, so you only need to fill in the form (business name, country) and click register. Business owners can register for free and fill in information about their business and offers. Simply by scanning your unique QR code, users have access to the offers and rewards that are available.


If you have a car wash or gas station and don‘t have a customer-loyalty program in place, then you’re missing out on potential profit. It is that simple. A loyalty program can be extremely helpful for your business by enhancing customer feelings and boosting your Customers Relationship Management system.