Personal Lessons & Teachers

So you might be thinking “personal lessons usually span out for quite a long period of time, so I don’t have to worry about customer retention. Once I get one customer, he/she will keep coming back”. Well, you may be right about the tendency for most personal lessons to be long term, but you may be really wrong about the customer retention thingy. What keeps customers coming back isn’t the knowledge that they’re getting involved in a long term training or lesson, but the fact that they’re happy, love your brand, love what you offer, and most importantly, they are loyal to you.


As a studio owner, you are well aware of how competitive the market is, and the importance of building customer loyalty. So let’s say you get those two friends who walked into your yoga class, what do you do to keep them coming back? Apart from offering great services, of course, the next thing your studio needs is an effective customer loyalty program.

Knowing your customers intimately is the first tool towards building trust. Having an understanding of your customers that go beyond their names, age etc. is one of the keys to succeeding in your business. Understanding your customers puts you at a better advantage. This can help tailor the kind of rewards you offer, knowing when and how to plan extra classes, etc. This will help your customers feel valued and important.

Apart from making your customers feel important, another reason why you should implement an effective customer loyalty program is the ‘almost effortless’ expansion of your customer base. You don’t have to go too far to attract new customers or offer ridiculous discounts just to drive people through your doors. Happy and excited customers love to share their experiences with their family and friends. Give them an experience that will make them to keep remembering you and talking to their friends about your amazing services and rewards.


You may have offered discounts in the past and noticed little or no change in your revenue, so you may ask “what is so special about customer loyalty programs and how do they help my business to grow”. Remember we mentioned earlier that a loyalty program helps you to get more personal with your customers and relate with them better? So imagine one of your customers is having coffee with a few friends and he gets a notification from your studio informing him to make a referral, and get a free piano class. Believe it or not, you got yourself a few new clients who would pop in next time to see what’s going on in your studio.

Customer loyalty programs also help you connect better to your clients. It shows you your patrons' buying habits, preferences, what they value in your studio, and even help you get valuable feedback. Not everyone loves to give feedbacks or ratings. You know how many times you’ve had to skip rating your email service or that mobile app you love so much? But these feedbacks are helpful in understanding how to help you improve your services and know what you may be doing wrong. Offering rewards for as little as giving feedback, will go a very long way in the success and growth of your business. Engaging with your clients will help to keep your customers excited about your studio.


So you think you can get all these amazing benefits by handing out plastic and paper stamp cards to your customers? Well, you might have to rethink that thought. We live in a digital age and people are using their mobile devices for almost everything. People even have access to free guitar lessons, yoga lessons, etc. on the internet. So to get ahead, you also need to embrace the digital wave.

This is exactly why the StampnGo platform is best suited for your business. StampnGo replaces traditional paper and plastic stamps with digital stamps, thus making it easier for customers to use. With a single scan of your unique QR code, users have access to all your offers and rewards and in turn, you have access to your customers’ relevant information.

Ensuring customer loyalty at your studio doesn’t have to be so difficult. Our mobile app is available to download at no cost at all. Business owners can also just fill in their information and get started. It’s so fun and easy to use!


Digital stamps are environmentally friendly and harder to misplace (well, since they’re all on your customers' mobile devices) and much easier to customize. Get ahead of your competitors and offer your customers a great experience.