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Who doesn’t love being rewarded? Rewards are most appreciated when actual effort is being put into a task that is strenuous, and these strenuous activities are what sport and fitness centres are most known for. Rewards build motivation and for businesses, offering rewards help to retain customers and even attract new customers.


Most gym or fitness centres have irregular customers, people who just pop in once in a while. As a business owner, it is more important that you have customers who make your establishments their regular destination. A simple way to do this is through a loyalty program. Loyalty programs help to retain existing customers and also attract new customers.

Let’s try to look at it from two angles – the customers’ angle and the business angle. In the sport and fitness world, it takes a lot of patience and persistence to achieve most fitness goals. The right kind of motivation can help people to achieve these goals. Due to lack of motivation, most people just give in and stop all the exercises and routines. But what if people could actually be rewarded for their persistence and determination? Not just a thumbs up from the trainer or the dream of a long-term weight loss or fitness goal, but a more appreciated reward. One doesn’t need a soothsayer to predict the huge amount of motivation this will give people.

So, what happens when your members are motivated to continue with their fitness programs? Definitely, what this spells out is customer retention. It is more important for sports and fitness centres to retain members than to acquire new ones. This is due to a lot of reasons. Customer retention costs less than acquiring new customers. Also, existing customers are more likely to spend more on products and services or request an upgrade than new customers. It is also easier to follow up on the progress of existing members, and they’re much easier to work with since you’re familiar with them and their body.


To make your loyalty program engaging, you need to get people to utilize your rewards program. Motivation and retention are very important in the fitness industry. Loyalty programs like "get 5 classes of yoga and get 1 free" or "visit a gym 8 times and get a free personal lesson" help people to return more often. An effective rewards program at your gym can help you to engage closely with your members, promote your brand, retain existing members and attract new customers.

To effectively use your rewards program for the benefit of your gym, offer a desirable reward that people would want to put in extra effort to achieve, while allowing them to track their progress. This will instinctively make your members want to go the extra mile in order to reach that reward, thus, boosting their activities further. When your members see how attainable the rewards are, they will want to keep at it. This is good news as it builds competitive spirit among your members and will lead to their efforts being redoubled.

With loyalty programs, you can also increase traffic at your gym, increase spending of existing customers, and give your members extra reasons to refer more members. Also, you can track the activities of your members and know who your most loyal customers are, what they’re buying, how often they’re visiting etc.


StampnGo is a great platform to achieve all these and more. With our app-based rewards system, it is easier for users to track their progress, see more offers and rewards and lots more. As for gyms and fitness centres, it's important to have a statistics and return patterns to work individually. Yes, some gyms can see it via swipe card data, but StampnGo is a place where you combine both. Also, when a customer scans a code he is "face to face" with a staff member that can help or promote something.

StampnGo is fun and free to use. The platform can track your frequent members' activity to identify when your customers are coming in, who they are, what they’re purchasing at your gym and other relevant information. This all adds up to a healthy benefit for you and your loyal customers, as you can also use this information to develop marketing and management solutions that will draw more customers through your doors.


If you neglect your loyalty marketing and gym member retention efforts, you‘re probably losing valuable business from those potential repeat customers. Indeed, our loyalty program cannot help your members gain access to your facility as your swipe cards would, but we can help you access relevant customer information which can guide you to offer rewards that can be beneficial both to you, and your customers.