Do you really know your customers?

The importance of having customers goes without saying. Customers are the heart of any business and having constant customers ensure that profit is steadily pumped into your business. Big companies and businesses looking to make more profit understand the need to get more customers and get existing customers to buy more. However, the truth is that the most efficient way to do this starts by getting to know who your customers are.


There are lots of advertising and marketing strategies targeted at ensuring growth. Most of these strategies aim at increasing the level of purchase that customers (new and/or existing) make. Unfortunately, some of these strategies come at a higher price than others, some do not serve the intended purpose and some others serve limited purposes. Without relevant facts about your customers, it is very likely that all these can lead to a waste of time and effort.

As a business owner, the important question to then ask yourself is “how well do I really know my customers?” Most business owners only have assumptions about demographics, buying habits and sales history but mere assumption is not enough and hard facts are needed. This has been proven over time, across all markets. In a results-driven business world, the main goal for any marketing business should be to understand customers and their needs, not just knowing what you want from the customer. As Peter Drucker said, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”. What this translates to, for offline businesses, is that if you do not know who your customers are, you cannot provide better services.


Customers are essential for ensuring the growth of your business, thus, understanding them is equally essential. Remember, if you are unaware of services that your customers like or are open to, or worse still, you do not even know who your customers are, then how can you expect your marketing approaches to be effective? Therefore, draft the best marketing strategy and increase your profit by getting accurate data on who your customers are and what they want from you. This way, you will have knowledge of the group of people to target for your next marketing strategy, how previous strategies influenced sales etc.

When you know who’s buying what, which products are selling more, then you can know how to communicate with your customers better. If you offer a variety of products, then it’s likely that certain items are likely to appeal to certain audiences at a particular period of time. Then you’ll have to know which customers are relevant to each of your product categories. Most businesses overlook the need to understand their customers and the effective processes that are involved and consequently, they reduce their chances of making sales. They end up wasting so much money on ineffectual marketing.


How then can you retain your customers and have concrete and useful data on your customers? The simple solution is the StampnGo platform. As plain as it may sound, truly, StampnGo helps you create a win-win situation for your business and your customers. Your customers enjoy several rewards, benefits and discount for their loyalty and in return you have access to relevant facts about your customers that can help you drive growth. Businesses must carefully think about what they can do to keep their customers coming back for their products and services. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by gathering data through your loyalty programs.

Here’s what StampnGo does:

This platform creates digital loyalty programs (all paper/plastic cards in one pocket). Our main goal is to help small offline businesses (cafes, restaurants, beauty shops etc.) to build real relationships with their customers. This is done through a free mobile application (called StampnGo) that customers can download. StampnGo users can find offers nearby and start collecting stamps via scanning unique QR codes generated via the StampnGo Merchant app.

Every time your customers scan your unique QR code via the StampnGo free app, your customers' database updates in real time. When a user collects stamps, the business owners can see all the insights (about who their customers are, how likely people return, etc.) that the customer allows to be seen. Having access to such information can make business owners adjust their offers based on the analytics they see. When you start to understand your customers, then you start to bring better services and value.

Simon Sinek, a British/American author and motivational speaker, once said, “Those who know the customer the best, will win.” Most offline business owners do not actually know their customers and do not have any CRM systems. Customers’ database that can show you personal data, demographic data, retention, growth, history of purchases amongst others, would immensely boost the growth of any business.

StampnGo helps you to:

1) Gather data: StampnGo helps to centralize your data in such a way that you will be able to access it anywhere. This data includes a broad-scale analysis, all the way down to side-by-side comparisons. You can use this information to strengthen your approach to future campaigns.

2) Reward your loyal customers: By using our free mobile application, users can see available offers on display. Also, the stamp system is very simple, fun and interactive for users. Now they can safely keep all their stamps on their mobile devices. A stamp kept is [mostly] a stamp used.

What do I need to do to start using StampnGo?

StampnGo is a free platform, so you only need to fill in the form (business name, country) and click register. Business owners can register for free and fill in information about their business and offers.

Let’s help you get to know your customers better and take your business to the next level. Find out why they shop from you, what first brought them to your company, why they spend their money on certain products, and so on. Getting answers to the “WHY” is very crucial and it means everything when trying to maintain or grow your business.


The benefits of using StampnGo are very clear —it provides access to customer data, shopping patterns and behavior and a direct line to the consumer, which ultimately helps business owners to drive sales among existing shoppers. It allows you to explore ways to optimize your offers to meet the needs of buyers because you now know the pattern in which they make their purchases.

Whatever your goal is, the StampnGo platform is a great way to engage new customers, build loyalty among old customers, increase spending and foster a connection to the brand.