Main Features

StampnGo is a full cycle retention platform that includes loyalty, ordering, communication modules and automatically updated CRM. StampnGo has the easiest and the fastest on boarding process.
Contactless pre-ordering and payment feature allows your customers to order and pay via StampnGo app or web widget and pick up at your location.
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Digital Stamp Cards
Stamp Cards
Traditional “Buy 5, get 1 free” stamp card. Build your customers database with every digital stamp.
Digital Prepaid Cards
Prepaid Cards
Do you have regular customers? Let them buy prepaid cards for your goods and services.
Analytics & Data
Analytics & Data
Advanced analytics module allows you to understand your Customers even better!
Pre-ordering Widget
Do you have a website? Add StampnGo pre-ordering widget to your website and turn it into e-commerce with less than 5 lines of code!
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How It Works

1.   Register your business
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2.   Create attractive offers and upload menu
via simple campaign/pre-order editor. The offers and menu appear in StampnGo mobile app and become visible for all users in your area.
3.   QR code scanning / Pre-order collection
Let your customer scan a unique one time QR code via StampnGo Merchant App or StampnGo Cebra device.
4.   The customer appears in your CRM immediately
5.   Grow your database
and build strong customer relationships via internal analytics tools.

Start your loyalty program now!

StampnGo platform is a free-to-play platform.

Loyalty Programs

“ It’s very easy and convenient. “

We just moved to use StampnGo app. Very nice application.

I’ve looked to some other systems, but they all either complicated, not really intuitive. So that’s why I like about StampnGo.

It’s very easy and convenient. You can combine from different places and they [customers] like the idea of just stamping their phone.

There are a lot of customers that do not want paper anymore, they want everything on their phone and they kind of demand it.

So this is the ultimate combination.

We love it!.

Frank Zweerus, BetterBagels, Leiden

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