Digital loyalty programs for Retail

As our article "Increasing sales with an effective customer loyalty program" explained – digital loyalty programs are vital for retailers in our data-driven world. Therefore, we would like to show some examples with advantages of digital loyalty programs you can run at your shop.

Prepaid cards for Retail


  • "Prepaid card for 10 pair of socks."
  • "Discount prepaid card for $100"
  • Payment upfront, means you receive money at the moment of the purchase
  • Prepaid card can be purchased as a gift to another customer
  • The prepaid card can be purchased at any time via the app
  • Automatically updated digital database with all the data

Digital stamp cards for Retail


  • "For every $5 spent at our shop you receive a stamp. Collect 10 stamps and get a 10% discount"
  • "Buy 5 pairs of socks get 1 free"
  • Gamification element for your customers
  • Your customers have great experience when receiving a prize
  • Automatically updated digital database with all the data
  • Real-time insights

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StampnGo is a free-to-play loyalty platform, means all core features such as campaigns, customers database, insights, and StampnGo Merchant app are for free. Sign up and launch digital prepaid card and/or stamp card loyalty programs at your shop today!