Are you helping to save the environment or destroy it?

The only thing we all have in common as humans, apart from our humanity, of course, is the environment. We are part of an ecosystem and it is important we preserve it so that generations to come can enjoy a clean and healthy environment. Companies are now trying to “turn off the plastic tap.” However, it is not enough for us to go from plastic to paper use. Paper comes from trees, and trees are one of the most essential parts of the ecosystem. Thus, a change in the use of paper is also important.


Given the environmental crises and degradation, there has been an increasing emphasis on environmental protection. In fact, going green and adopting Eco friendly measures is significantly profitable for businesses. Companies are now using new technologies, business models and innovative approaches, to ensure environmental sustainability. The negative implications of a continual use of toxic plastic is truly dangerous. People are beginning to see this truth and rethink usage of plastics to as to ensure a sustainable environment. Governments have joined the campaign against environmental degradation and with new policies and rules, they are ensuring that we all do what is best for the environment. The fight against environmental degradation should be the main goal of everyone.

Businesses are not left out either. There has been a major shift from single-use plastics to recycled plastic for packaging, and an increasing emphasis on the importance of recycling. The facts are clear and something must be done soon to curb practices that endanger the environment. Research shows that production of plastic in the future will increase at a very alarming rate. Think of what this would do our environment.

We get water, power and oxygen from the environment. It is the most important resource for life and sustenance. The Earth is polluted by toxic gases and vapors produced by cars and factories, some of which include plastic and paper manufacturing plants. A clean environment is essential for a healthy life. Therefore, we must keep our environment clean and protected. A healthy environment produces great wealth in the form of many resources and a healthier population. We know that a healthy environment is also much less likely to cause large problems.


Simple steps can be made to achieve the environmental sustainability goals. It‘s all about creating new and innovative ideas and approaches, especially for businesses. In a recent report, UN Environment examined the potential of replacing conventional plastics with a range of natural material, such as paper, cotton, wood, algae and fungi, and alternative technologies, such as new generation bio-polymers made from biomass sources. Companies are starting to make significant changes. Adopting some of these new changes can even be beneficial to businesses, as they can attract more customers.

One of the first steps taken, was a shift from plastic use to paper use. In recent times, businesses have adopted the paperless approach. However, some still have a long way to go. Reliance on paper and paper-based processes is not even beneficial these days as millennials prefer to do everything electronically. You can make your business more eco-friendly by making just a few small changes. Since many of them also help cut operating expenses, these changes will help you cut costs while also ensuring you can attract environmentally-conscious customers.

However, replacing plastic with paper is not entirely the best solution. Paper itself has to be produced and this production process involves cutting down trees and using heavy machinery. We all know the importance of trees and their huge contribution to the sustenance of the environment. Remember that the less paper you use, the less paper needs to be produced, and the more trees that get to fill our forests. Also, a thick forest is much less likely to cause a deathly fire than a sparse land.


Indeed, we can go a step further in saving the environment. We can help cut down both the use of plastics and paper, thus reducing our carbon footprint. In StampnGo, we care about the environment and we love clients who look the same direction. For example, our client, BetterBagels in Leiden, Netherlands, is very close to "no waste principal". Almost every piece of bagel that is left at the end of a day, is turned into chips or bagel beer.

With StampnGo, you have the great opportunity to replace plastic and paper stamp cards with digital ones. This platform creates digital loyalty programs (all paper/plastic cards in one pocket). Our main goal is to help small offline businesses (cafes, restaurants, beauty shops etc.) to build real relationships with their customers and offer more benefits in the process. This is done through a free mobile application (called StampnGo) that customers can download. StampnGo users can find offers nearby and start collecting stamps via scanning unique QR codes generated via the StampnGo Merchant app.

Our clients have also joined the 'plastic-less' and 'paper-less' train and are helping save the planet. With StampnGo, saving the environment does not come at a huge cost. StampnGo is a free platform, so you only need to fill in the form (business name, country) and click register. Business owners can register for free, and fill in information about their business and offers.

StampnGo is definitely joining the campaign against destroying the environment with our carbon footprint, and helping to revolutionize our clients’ businesses.

Alongside saving the environment, you get other amazing benefits by using our platform, such as customers' data gathering, value added customer services and so much more. It’s a really cool and simple technology that is easy to use. You can also track all your customers’ data and know who your real loyal customers are. Let us help you get the very best out of your loyalty programs.


We are a part of the environment and not some separate entity to it. What affects the environment, affects us all. The world we live in today is much more reliant on computers and digital technology. It is easy to go a day without using a notebook or even a piece of paper. With fast-growing technology and increase in environmental protection awareness, we definitely offer the best loyalty program service.