Why a stamp card loyalty program is just a waste of paper

The backbone of a business are its customers, customer satisfaction and loyalty is so paramount to the success of a business that all entrepreneurs work tirelessly in deploying various means to keep their customers satisfied and loyal.


A basic rule of entrepreneurship that will always be relevant is that the customers are the soul of the business. What majorly differentiates a successful business from a failed business is the difference in how they treat their customers and this isn't just limited to the peripheral factors outside the products and services delivered. If customers are treated right but the products and services being offered is nothing to write home about then such a business is focusing on the wrong thing, a huge miscalculation in priorities. Treating customers with the respect that they deserve doesn't work the magic on its own, it has to go hand in hand with good products and services. Sadly, today most young entrepreneurs have lost the plot, instead of focusing on this basic key to securing the loyalty of customers they result to inefficient techniques and methods. Nothing can win over a customers loyalty quite like delivering good product and services, it's just impossible to overcome the satisfaction customers derive from fulfilling their most basic needs.


Instead of focusing all attention on this very crucial factor, entrepreneurs today rather turn to other means to win over their customers in a very competitive market. Although, there are some techniques which if deployed appropriately can accomplish good results when it comes to winning over customers, a very good example is a perfectly executed loyalty program but sadly, some entrepreneurs don't want to go the extra mile to handle their business in a way that their efforts yield substantial and positive results. Instead these naive business owners take the path of ineffective techniques. One of the methods employed by most businesses is a paper stamp card loyalty program. Of all types of Loyalty programs, paper stamp cards are the absolute worst. it's baffling that businesses still offer these cards in a world as advanced as the one we live in. A lot of small businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, hair salons, fitness centers etc. are the ones who employ this type of loyalty program. Most customers lose these cards soon after they are given or just don't have it on them whenever they need it. Naive entrepreneurs will claim that it's to their benefit if customers forget or lose their stamp card, which is to their own detriment because what these entrepreneurs don't realize is that the revenue that will be gotten from loyal customers in the long term far offsets the cost of a measly reward. Fortunately, some business owners are seeing the light and are switching to digital stamp card programs. Digital stamp card programs offer a significant increase in the efficiency of what loyalty program is all about. They are easier to operate and maintain for both parties (business and customers). Paper stamp card loyalty program is a "one-way road". It offers no substantial return in loyalty or data. You give cards to your customers and receive nothing back. Asides this they are incredibly difficult to track and keep a record of, knowing the total amount of stamp cards issued , how many cards with one stamp each customer has or even knowing who this customers are isn't just difficult to accomplish it takes away from the efficiency of the staff, because there is no way keeping records of all these won't cause a situation of divided attention thus hurting the business and if you choose to employ a new staff to handle this you incur more cost to your already growing wage bill. The endless cycle of difficulties and unanswered questions surrounding paper stamp cards makes them pale greatly in comparison with whatever positives they' supposedly have.


The obvious solutions to the problems paper stamp cards pose is summed up in one short word 'StampnGo '. StampnGo is a startup that creates digital loyalty programs (all paper/plastic cards in one pocket). Our main goal is to help small offline businesses (cafes, restaurants, coworkings, wtc) to build real relationships with their customers.

How StampnGo makes traditional stamp card loyalty program work?

StampnGo is a platform on a whole new level, it combines marketing management tools with customer relationship management (CRM). StampnGo application is a digital stamp card loyalty program where customers collect cards and stamps in their phones, which is a safer guarantee that it won't be lost or forgotten. StampnGo platform provides full analytics in real time and allows adjustment of offers very quickly. It also makes it possible for businesses to see how customers react to the offers; thus helping to increase the visibility of the business.

StampnGo is a free mobile app that can effectively change the direction of how your customers see your business, the app can assist you in offering better services to customers, it doesn’t just tell you who your customers are, it tells you which of them are more likely to return. Customers download the StampnGo app to find offers nearby and start collecting stamps via scanning unique QR codes generated via special StampnGo Merchant app. The offers created via StampnGo platform for merchants enable business owners to register for free and fill in the information about their business and offers. When users collect stamps, the business owners can see who their customers are and who is more likely to keep patronizing them. StampnGo provides full analytics in real time to adjust offers quickly to see how customers react on the offers. StampnGo is a geo-location based app so users can see offers nearby and also businesses can get direct feedback from the customers.

Specifics On Using StampnGo

Given the numerous benefits StampnGo offers it's unbelievable that it is for free. What StampnGo is offering businesses is impossible to pass up, the services this app renders can be pivotal in making a business and all that is required to get on this train is absolutely nothing. Businesses have absolutely nothing to lose but all to gain by making use of StampnGo. To start using StampnGo all you need to do is fill in the form (business name, country) then click register and just like that you have a juggernaut of an app at your disposal, an app that if perfectly utilized can make the difference to your business.