Nowadays many businesses all around the globe are struggling because of the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) . Especially, small offline businesses like cafes, restaurants, hair/nails salons, fitness trainers, spas, etc.

The StampnGo team is always looking for ways to help and support local businesses all around the World, here are some ideas how we can help you to keep your business alive through these tough times.

If you are allowed to work use a preorder / pick up service for your cafe / restaurant

One of the best solutions in this case would be using apre-order service instead of takeaways.

First of all, because you have no direct contact with your clients, as pre-orders are paid upfront, and second, pre-orders allow upi to keep social distancing, as the orders are prepared before customers come to your place and can be placed on an external "pick-up" shelf.

Preordering in StampnGo
Preordering in StampnGo

Read about preordering for cafes and restaurants: Pre-orders services.

If you had to shutdown your business

If you are a hair/nails/spa salon or a fitness/yoga centre you cannot work as people have to keep social distancing.

One of the ways to support your business during the tough times is to offer your customers to purchase prepaid cards for your services that they can redeem when you open to public again.

Prepaid card in StampnGo app
Prepaid card in StampnGo app
Examples of prepaid cards

As a Fitness trainer/club you can offer a "prepaid card for 10 training sessions".
As a hairdresser you can offer a "prepaid card for 3 haircuts".
As a nails salon you can offer a "prepaid card for 5 visits to your salon".

Also, StampnGo prepaid cards can be sent as a gift to your friends/family so you do not need to miss out on special occasions during this time!


In StampnGo we use Stripe Connect, that means when your customers use pre-orders or purchase prepaid cards the money goes straight to your account.

Try it now

StampnGo is a free-to-play platform so you can try the approaches above for free and see how it can help you business.

Stay strong

Stay strong and support each other! #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalbusiness